Product Properties

Get the rundown on all Fireshell® and StructureSaver® fire resistant coatings, paints and primers. Printable product information for the end user.

Below are charts with the properties for each Fireshell and StructureSaver fire resistant, intumescing, non-flammable, barriers coatings, ignition barriers, and fire extinguishing coatings, paints and primers.

Building Code Properties

Fireshell®IB4Interior ignition barrier coatingProperties
Fireshell®F1Fire extinguishing paintProperties
Fireshell®F10ENFPA 286 thermal barrier coatingProperties
Fireshell®F5Efire extinguishing, intumescing,insulatingProperties
Fireshell®F1EInterior / exterior barrier coatingProperties
Non-Flammable exterior paint®F4Nonflammable exterior paintProperties

Urban / Wildland Properties

Structure Saver®F1EPExterior fireproof primerProperties
Non-Flammable PaintF4Non-flammable exterior paintProperties