ICP Group understands the importance—as well as the cost—of the new fire and safety codes being imposed on the marketplace. Although necessary, they do add expense, labor and—almost always—complication.

Thankfully we have fire protection technology, such as intumescent coatings, that combat all of that.

ICP Group coatings, additives, and composites save customers money, unlike the difficulty and expense of making structure modifications in order to comply with new or upgraded codes. Overall, system costs actually save customers money. We bring you nothing but the best when it comes fire protection technology.

Check out all the different applications of our intumescent coatings below to get started.

Thermal / Ignition Barriers

ICP Group has developed revolutionary thermal and ignition barriers for fire, heat, thermal and safety issues that builders, engineers and architects face adhering to today’s strict building codes.

Urban / Wildland Code Products Barriers

ICP Group has developed products that adhere to ICC code standards and will minimize the danger of building in areas that are prone to wildfire.