FIRESHELL® Fire Extinguishing Coating

Part Number F1


FIRESHELL F1 is a proprietary, non-flammable, fire extinguishing, coating that extinguishes liquid fires as tested in accordance with SFI 54.1. This coating is flexible, ductile, elastomeric and maintains protective integrity in vapor fires. FIRESHELL fire extinguishing coating is non-toxic, drain safe, no fuming, water based coating that is suitable for interior and exterior surfaces. There is no primer required and is sprayable with standard equipment. The product has also passed ASTM E84 flame spread/smoke as a class A coating, as well as ASTM E96 vapor barrier tests.


  • Oil Rigs, Boats, Ships
  • Industrial Worksites, Mining
  • Commercial Trucks, Machines
  • Factories


  • E84 Cl ‘A’ verified 0 flame, 0 smoke
  • ASTM E96 Vapor Barrier
  • ASTM weatherability
  • ASTM D 522: Flexibility over conical mandrel
  • ASTM D 2486: Scrub resistance
  • ASTM D : Abrasion, falling sand
  • ASTM D 2794: Impact resistance
  • ASTM D 4541: Adhesion, pull off strength
  • ASTM D 2243: Freeze thaw resistance
  • ASTM G 153: Accelerated weathering – 1000 hrs, 8 hours UVA 340@ 60c
  • ASTM D 412: Tensile, elongation properties
  • ASTM D 6904: Wind driven rain
  • ASTM D 3273: Mold resistance
  • FTMS 141 M4494: Sag resistance.
  • ASTM D 4585: Moisture resistance, 100 hours
  • ASTM D 1729: Color change
  • ASTM D 4214: Degree of chalking
  • ASTM D 661: Degree of cracking

Coating Characteristics:

  • Non-flammable, Fire Extinguishing
  • Flexible, Ductile, Elastomeric
  • Colors:White, Gray, Red, Charcoal, Black, Custom – custom colors can not be returned or refunded
  • Total Dry Film Thickness: 20 to 30 mils DFT, nominal
  • Solvent: Water based
  • Non-toxic, drain safe, water based, non-fuming