FIRESHELL® and StructurSaver™ are proud to be part of ICP’s Building Solutions Group (BSG)

Innovative Chemical Products (ICP Group), the 10th largest coatings company in the world, formed the Building Solutions Group (BSG) as a way to better serve the construction and building industry. ICP’s Building Solutions Group provides branded products that have been trusted for decades, while offering solutions both inside and outside of the building envelope. Our various brands provide solutions for cementitious coatings, architectural coatings, sports coatings, environmental coatings, as well as roofing and insulation products.

Fireshell® is an industry-leading brand within ICP’s Building Solutions Group that delivers fire resistant, intumescing, non-flammable, barriers coatings, ignition barriers and fire extinguishing coatings, paints and primers.

Innovations That Improve™

As the adhesive and sealants industry leader, Fireshell® is built on the foundation of Innovations that Improve™ through our commitment to develop products, exclusive technologies, and services that improve the overall product performance, safety, and experience for our customers.