FIRESAFE® Intumescent Water Based Coating

Part Number T15E


FIRESAFE® (T15E) is a proprietary non-flammable, water based, intumescing (expands up to 2000%) interior coating that provides oxygen starvation to fire. It is a non-toxic, water based, drain safe, no fuming GREEN product.


  • For Walls, Foam, Attics, Crawl Spaces
  • Multiple core composite panels
  • Wood panel systems


  • Meets IBC 803.2.1 for panel systems
  • Meets IBC 2603.9 over FRP systems
  • Water based, 1-part, non-flammable, intumescing coating for interior use
  • E84 Cl ‘A’ verified
  • Meets Green Standards and Lead Paint Requirements
  • Meets EPA certification for Ultra Low VOC coating
  • Incidental food contact approved.

Supplemental Product Data