Part Number F1EP


STRUCTURE SAVER® F1EP is a proprietary, non-flammable, intumescing, weatherproof coating that can be used indoors or outdoors. This coating expands up to 2000% and provides oxygen starvation when in contact with fire. This weather and water resistant coating is a non-toxic, drain safe, no fuming, water based coating.

STRUCTURE SAVER® has passed Urban / Wildland Code requirements that render siding, lumber, sheathing and walls Non combustible to fire. Passes IBC’s ignition barrier and E-119 thermal fire ratings on walls, lumber, and siding. It exceeds ASTM test requirements for use as weather and water resistant coatings and is fire extinguishing to handle convection, radiant and firebrands! Can be made red or brown for barns, timber homes and roofs.


  • Interior/Exterior Walls, Lumber
  • Siding, Fencing, Electrical Panels
  • Exterior House Primer (topcoatable)
  • Cedar Roof Coating
  • Log Cabin / Timber Home Coating
  • Barn and Shed Coating
  • Coating for Insulation Foam


  • Non-flammable, Intumescing Coating
  • Expands up to 2000%
  • Provides oxygen starvation
  • Non-toxic, drain safe, water based, no fuming
  • Interior / Exterior – Gray
  • Weatherproof
  • Sprayable & Topcoatable


  • E119 – 1&2 hour wall rated (multiple coats required)
  • Non-combustable rated coating
  • E84 Cl ‘A’ verified 0 flame, 0 smoke
  • ASTM weatherability – exterior approved

1 hour wallF1EPFIRESHELL®12 milsFire resistance testing to modified ASTM E119 specifications1/2" gypsum wall1 hour rated assembly
1 hour wallF1EPFIRESHELL®18 milsFire resistance testing to modified ASTM E119 specifications1/2" gypsum wall2 hour rated assembly

Class 'A' & extended 30 min.F1EPSTRUCTURE SAVER®15 milsStandard test for surface burning characteristics of building materialsDouglas Fir framing lumberClass "A" 30 minute non-combustible

FSIS Incident ContactF1EPSTRUCTURE SAVER®N/AUSDA food and Safety Inspection Service Acceptance for Meat and Poultry Plants, "Incidental Food Contact"N/ACompliant with USDA Regulations